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Place2Place offers a great environment for professional, motivated drivers. If you fit the bill then we'd love to hear from you.

A message from Place2Place Director, Steve McGuirk

Place2Place is a young company and we try to understand the needs and wants of our customers and care very much about them. There is a huge lack of customer service in this industry and we aim to give people a good quality service at good competitive prices. Our drivers are professional and they all understand the approach we take and they are PROUD to be the best in their field. If you are a taxi driver and feel your current company doesn't work at the standards you want to work at then contact us for an informal chat - you might just be surprised at our standards.

Here's what some of our drivers say about us:

I have worked at Place2Place for 5 years now and having worked at various taxi companies this is the best company I have worked for. The drivers are all professional and the staff are very helpfull and keep all us drivers well informed of everything that happens. The quality of work is excellent and I look forward to being here for many years to come. Bob GoodwinDriver

I have worked at Place2Place for nearly 2 years now. This is the only company I have ever worked for and see no reason for changing. The reason I am so happy here is that the staff, drivers and management all work together as a team and the environment is fun and relaxed but professional and competent at the same time. Jack PannuDriver

The taxi industry as a whole is an individual, independent and selfish industry as we are all self employed and we are only really bothered about ourselves, but at Place2Place it feels like we are all treated evenly and fairly and more importantly, we are made to feel and work like a team. I have worked at a couple of taxi companies but have never worked at a company like this. Ronnie SculleyDriver

Since leaving the Army 18 months ago I have worked at Place2Place, firstly as a telephonist, then advancing to a controller. The work is very different to the army and so are the people but what I enjoy about it most is the feeling of teamwork, just like I had in ther Army. We all work together and have the same common goals and the same professional attitude. The company has a positive forward looking approach and it's a pleasure to be part of that team. Steven TowellController

Get in touch about job opportunities at Place2Place

For any job enquiries, please use the form on our contact page or get in touch via contact details below:

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